Bibliotek NV

In Copenhagen good architecture is not reserved for the wealthy. This Golden Building is a public library and a citizens centre located in a part of Copenhagen were the general income is low and a large part of the population are immigrants. Library NV was created by COBE Architects. Next time in Copenhagen – visit Biblioteket in Rentemestervej 76. Bibliotek is the Danish word for Library.
©Tom Gagner Photography.

Nikon D500 with AF Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 G @24mm (36mm eq). Developed in Capture One


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Tom Gagner Photographer

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2 thoughts on “Bibliotek NV”

  1. Winter in Southern Scandinavia is a sad thing with short days and often rainy weather. May to August is a good time to visit Copenhagen. June is the dryest month. In May and June life is still “normal” since most Danish have their vacation in July. In August most people are back at their jobs again after the Summer. I think the area between Copenhagen and Helsingør is well worth visiting too – Louisiana Art Museum in Humlebæk and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark in Helsingør to mention some interesting places.

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