Den Blå Planet

🇸🇪 Den Blå Planet, Danmarks akvarium, är ritat av den danska arkitektbyrån 3XN. Byggnaden är inspirerad av formen hos en vattenvirvel så som den kan se ut i en malström i havet eller i avloppet till badkaret. Det finns många fina bilder på byggnaden där virvelformen framträder tydligt. Jag valde att visa byggnaden så som den ser ut när man närmar sig den till fots.
🇬🇧 The Blue Planet – The National Aquarium Denmark – was created by 3XN Architecs in Copenhagen. The architects were inspired by a whirlpool as created by a maelstrom or in the bath tub. There are a number of excellent pictures of The Blue Planet showing the beautiful design. I intended to show the building as it appears from a not so common angle.
Click on the picture for a larger version.


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4 thoughts on “Den Blå Planet”

    1. Thank you. Not the best view perhaps but the main entrance was too crowded…😉 I believe 3XN has drawn the new fish market in Sydney too.

  1. an extraordinary building indeed. true, the main entrance takes some waiting before crowd-less. but, most important: do not forget to bring your wide angle.
    very nice shot. love it.

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